The unleash your strengths group will CLOSE IN...
Why you NEED this Strengths Training
Discover How To Build A Network Marketing Business That Is Authentic, Consistent & Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
consistency is key
Do you struggle to find consistent, authentic performance in your NM business ...
... (or do you struggle to see this in your team or downline?)
What do you GET  With this 
Strengths Training?
the success
Don't just take my word for it!  The UNLEASH YOUR STRENGTHS Group can revolutionize your network marketing business.
dawn l. wood
Using STRENGTHS for real, positive impact ...
rebeccah steele
the backstory
It wasn't until I discovered that I couldn't run my NM biz like anyone else that I found true freedom!
I know what it's like to experience failure.
Lots of failure.
It wasn't until I started operating in my authentic strengths that I found true success.
I know exactly what's it like to need support when it comes to building a business, growing a business, finding your strengths, and getting the motivation needed to just keep going.

That's why I'm so excited to offer this amazing Unleash Your Strengths group -- which will open for a limited time! 

This group is a place for entrepreneurs to accelerate their success -- whatever that success looks like to YOU and your family. 
the recap
Everything you'll receive as part of the Unleash Your Strengths Group.
Understanding Your Strengths Basics ($1000 Value)
How to read your strengths report efficiently

Create statements that help you focus on doing everything authentically

Learn how to authentically present your products and opportunities and CLOSE SALES 
30 Day Strengths and Business Challenge
($500 value)
A 30 day step by step dive into applying your strengths everyday in small easy steps

Learn about how your bottom strengths drain you and make everyone around you want to run away.

All challenges are interactive with my own strengths report to see how I stay in my strengths everyday.
($500 value)
A Breakdown Of Each Of The Strengths Based On Your Dominant Domains 
FOUR 1-Hour Calls
($200 value) 
These calls are with people who actually have these strengths where we discuss how they use them : RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS, INFLUENCERS, STRATEGIC THINKERS, & EXECUTERS
THREE 1-Hour Long Q &A Calls
($1,000 value)
See How I Help Individual People Build In Their Strengths with these valuable recordings of Q&A Sessions.
bonus: work with me personally!
Work With Me Personally In A Group Everyday FOREVER as a LIFETIME MEMBER

the solution
Don't forget to grab your FREE Training: Close With Strengths as well as your FREE download on how to use your strengths daily.
stop losing the sale
Do you struggle to close the deal?  STOP TRYING to be someone you're not.  Use the power of neuron mirroring (that you just learned about in my training above) to make your strengths work FOR YOU and CLOSE WITH STRENGTHS.
daily strengths assessment
Keep yourself consistent with this daily journal download.  This is a tool I use myself -- each and every day -- to FOCUS on my strengths and start each morning with intention.

It's time to start using your own strengths to create the business and the life of your dreams.
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